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A better way to balance the budget

City council breakfast

Colossal waste or Human Needs?

In February 2009, District Council 37 release “Massive Waste at a time of need,” a white Paper that demonstrated the waste in contracting out and called for replacing the outsourcing with a more accountable and reliable city workforce. Using city employees would improve serve delivery, save taxpayers money and provide jobs in communities citywide through the civil service system.

The white paper analysis of a sample of 10 personnel and technical services contract in eight City agencies showed that replacing the contractors with city employees would save $130 million a year. The union asked the city to examine all 18,000 of its contracts for these services. Which have increase in cost by 41% from fiscal year 2005 through FY 2010, for work that city employees can do more efficiently at lower cost.

One year later, the recession has cut revenue and driven the city’s human needs to record levels, but no such study has been done and the waste has increased DC37 is calling for action.

Mayor increasing contract Budget

Mass unemployment, foreclosures, widespread hunger and homelessness cry out for action at all levels of government, but the city is turning its back and expanding its waste of tax dollars on overpriced contractors and overpaid consultants.

More workers are needed to cope with the huge lines at city Food Stamp centers, but----- according to the January plan for Fiscal Year 2011----- Mayor Bloomberg plans to raise contract spending by more than $250 million, from $9.2 billion annually to $9.5 billion, while cutting services, increasing the burden on taxpayers and eliminating thousands of city workers through attrition and layoffs.

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