Local 374 Quasi-Public Employees


Dear Brother/Sisters:

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your employment. Secondly, and just as important to you and your family, you will now become a member of Local 374, your union.

Local 374 was first charted on June 16, 1950 and was named Quasi-Public Employees. Your union covers members in many different titles. These members work for various different employers and are covered by individual collective bargaining agreements (union contract) as well as the city economic agreement. In addition, depending on what employer you work for, your retirement plan is either the Cultural Institution Retirement System or the State Retirement System.

Many new members believe that the benefits provided to you are given to you by your employer. This is true only in part, that part being that management has only agreed to provide these benefits through hard fought negotiations by your local union. In brief, examples of some of these benefits are sick time, vacation time, pension benefits, prescription drugs, etc. While there is a union dues structure in place, no part of that dues money goes to provide benefits. Dues are to help defray the cost to negotiate better collective bargaining agreements (union contracts), both on the local and city level, provide safer work environments, provide attorney’s to members whose right’s have been violated and an array of services that require support staff.

These are just a small sample of how your union can assist both you and your loved ones. Below is a list of your local elected officers and work location.

President:                 Cuthbert Dickenson – NYPL
Vice President:        Leonard Paul – BBG
Secretary:                 Michelle Keyaian- NYBG
Treasurer:                Lloyd King – NYPL

You will be notified when your local and/or chapter meetings take place and their locations.

Please take the time to attend these meetings. Remember this is your local and input and/or feedback from you, the member, is essential to meet the needs of the membership.

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